Road Dept News 11/15/2014

Everyone who had been concerned about getting road work done this fall, which included painting the lines on Collier and West County Line Road, should be happy to see that those projects have been completed. This should make it much easier and safer to travel those roads at night now, and be able to see where the edges are.

calhoun-county-road-commissionWinter is fast approaching and with that we’ll see work on roads with final patching and plowing – although I hope the plowing doesn’t come too soon. This also means you will be seeing your winter tax bill in the mailbox around the first of December. The first billing for the roads special assessment will be on this tax bill. We are ready to hit the ground running in the spring with an aggressive schedule to get roads started for repair and/or maintenance.

paved-road-fallWe understand everyone’s frustrations. We will collect our first of seven years of assessments with this winter 2014 tax bill. Now that we have determined an amount to be collected, we will be working closely with the county to get the assessment bonded so we can move forward with our plans for work to be done. Knowing that we will collect approximately $4 million over the assessment period allows us to bond and use the money up-front to get roads done more quickly. Our plan would be to start when the weather breaks in the spring and get all roads done over a three year period. This is a pretty aggressive plan when you consider that we have approximately 65 miles of roads to repair in some fashion. Some roads need patching, some overlay, some reconstruction but we do have some that once patched can be seal coated and fogged to keep them in good condition.

We’ve been set back a few weeks in getting our tentative schedule ready as the Calhoun County Road Department has had several staffing changes. The new managing director has been hired and they are actively hiring other positions to get back to a full staff. It may takes us a few months to get the new managing director educated and up-to-speed regarding the needs of Bedford Charter Township, but I feel certain that he will be able to hit the ground running and meet our needs. Our intention is to get at least half of the roads done next spring/summer.

end-road-work-signMy previous newsletters have been posted on the Bedford Charter Township website ( so please take some time to review those newsletters if you haven’t already done so. Archived newsletters can be accessed in the Archives Menu Tab at the top of the page with the current letter on the home page. I’m trying to keep everyone informed and answer any questions as we move forward. I’m still the primary contact for getting your roads reported to the Calhoun County Road Department, but you can also report directly, if you wish, by using the links tab on our website and going to the County Road Department site ( to report an issue. Usually the more people that report issues the better we do to get the large potholes fixed. I am more than willing to help with getting issues reported. We need to work together to get our township roads repaired and maintained. I can’t be everywhere at once so your assistance is always appreciated.

Stay tuned as we move forward and post a plan for the tentative schedule of road repairs. I hope to have that posted by the end of the year. Remember you may always call me at (269) 965-9096 or email me at with any questions. You can also stop by during my office hours Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 8 AM to 12 Noon and Tuesday, 8 AM to 12 Noon and 1 PM to 4 PM.

Sally Shaw
Road Committee Chair