Road Dept News 03/01/2015

The bonding project with the County is going as planned and our plans for roads to be repaired have been submitted to the County Road Department for scheduling.  Road repair plans are underway and the County Road Department is preparing estimates and bids for materials so they can  begin work when the weather finally breaks.  

Our plan this year is to begin at the eastern Township line along the Michigan Avenue corridor, Bansill Avenue, and proceed to the west county line near Gull Pointe.   We will be doing all roads, both north and south of Michigan Avenue, as far north as Steuben, and south through the Lynn/Feld area to Suwanee.   We also plan to take care of Halbert Road. Halbert is really bad and has been one of the roads we’ve discussed since we formed the road committee over five (5) years ago. The remainder of the roads are planned for summer 2016.

Remember all of this is weather dependent and may end up with various things being carried over to the following year if we run out of good weather – or spring comes late and the asphalt plants don’t get up and running as early as we hope.  Hope for an early spring and late winter so we can have as long a working season for the road repairs as possible.

The County Road Department is preparing a mapping system for us to show which roads are scheduled and how they will be repaired.  As soon as I get that map I will post it to this website so everyone can see what is planned and know that we are working to get things done as expeditiously as possible.  Don’t be discouraged if your road isn’t the first to get fixed.  Getting all of the roads done in two (2) or possibly three (3) years is a tall order. Roads not done this year will still be patched and an effort made to maintain them until the full repair can be done next year.

The County Road Department will be preparing for the road work to be done by removing berms (dirt sides on shoulders), canopy (tree limbs overhanging the roads), and patching to get things ready for whatever repair/maintenance is scheduled.  It is important to remove trees and limbs so the roads can get sunlight and dry out.  This will help preserve the road surface and make it last longer.  

This year they will be coming through to cut trees and limbs but will likely drop them, push them off the roadway and come back later to cut them up and do clean up.   There is a tight window this year for cutting trees and removing limbs dictated by the State that requires all tree cutting to be done prior to May 1 to avoid penalties from the State and MDEQ/EPA.  This is a result of a new ban on tree cutting from May 1 through October 31 to protect the long-eared bat and brown-faced bat.  Apparently they are now endangered and cutting trees during this time will remove their habitat.  You will likely see more about this publicized as time moves forward.

Please continue to watch for updates on road work and scheduled maintenance on this website.  All schedules and changes will be posted here.  You can also call if you have any questions. My office number is 269-965-9096.

Sally Shaw
Bedford Charter Township
Road Committee Chair