MAY 2016

Hello everyone!  

Now that the weather has cleared and things are getting back in motion on the roads I wanted to touch base to let everyone know the plans for this season.  It has been some time since my last letter.  Judging by the phone calls I know that everyone is interested on what is happening and when they can expect to see their road done.

The road department expects to complete nearly all of the roads in Bedford this year.  After cutting trees and cleaning roadsides earlier this year, they are working to scrape roadsides back (pull berm), cut driveways, patch holes and make things ready for the paving company to start paving.  The bid for all asphalt work went to Michigan Asphalt this year.

The sections of Baseline that are under the control of Calhoun County have been crushed and are being prepared for a new overlay.  Other roads currently being prepped include Hamilton (County Line north of Meachem), Hutchinson, Cole, Marvin, Bevier, Oak Leaf, Jones, Netop, Dana, Kirby Bluff, Adams, Pine Ridge and Kirby.  Next on the list is Yawger, Bauman, Tullis, Sylvan, Red Bird, Pinetree, Northwood, Foote, Knoll, Hubbard, Aloha, Pasadena, Pensacola, Laredo, Brown, Lakeway, Creekview, Ellis, the entire Morgan Woods/Washington area, and the entire Valhalla Heights area.  

We have two areas waiting for final DNR/DEQ approval on culverts that may get done later in the summer.  Those are the Peaceful Valley area because of the bridge replacement on Bowne Road, and Halbert between Waubascon and North Avenue due to the culvert replacement at Bauman.  The large culvert on Kirby between M-37 and Collier has final approval and once a new culvert is bid out and replaced the paving on that section can be completed.  We expect approval on the others very soon.

This is a very ambitious plan for this summer but, weather permitting, can be done between now and first of November.   Subdivisions are more labor intensive and take more time while the long, straight stretches of road go a little faster.

The good news is that the road department also intends to handle some “paver patching” on some of the primary roads that are in desperate need of work.  We expect to see long stretches of road done on Uldriks Drive and Waubascon.  We were originally told that primary roads would not likely be touched until next year.  This has been moved forward to help until the road department can get additional funding from the state with the gas tax to help with primary roads.

The only unfortunate part is that I cannot guarantee when you will actually see your road get done.  Everything is weather dependent and if you are like me you tend to be impatient and waiting will drive you crazy.   Try to be patient as we work to get everything done and buttoned up this year.  Weather constraints, and timing, will control the work being done.   Hope for a very late winter/freeze time and rain only on nights and weekends so we can pave during the week and make progress.

The Road Department will be responding to requests for pothole repairs or other issues.  Please continue to call those requests in to the County Road Department at 781-9841, or to me at 965-9096.

Sally Shaw

Road Committee Chair