Road Department June 9, 2015

Good news!  A meeting with the County Road Department last week resulted in a timeline for the work scheduled to be done in the Township over the summer.   I should have a good copy of the plan and the color coded map in the next week or so and will post it on our website as well.

I am excited that we will be getting this work done.  It has been a long time coming but we should see significant improvement in the scheduled areas very soon.

In preparation for work to be done the Road Department has cut many trees to open up the canopy over the roads, and will be back to continue that work later this summer.  (Remember that they cannot cut trees during June and July due to the threatened long-eared and white-faced bats.)  They will also be working on the berms, the side of the roads, to be sure the soil is leveled and prepped for support to the road and to allow proper drainage alongside the roadway.

The Road Department will be continuing their work over the next several weeks as they work to patch and fill potholes so they can begin work to resurface the scheduled areas.   If your area is one of the roads scheduled for repair this year, you should see increased activity as the road is prepped for the project work over the next few weeks.

We have been advised that we may have hit a small problem with work to be done on Halbert Road.  There are two culverts that will need to be replaced.   All culvert or bridge work is controlled by the DEQ and they dictate what must be done for replacement.  In other words, they dictate the type of replacement (culvert or bridge), the width and installation.  Until they determine what they will require, the county can’t pull the permits from the DEQ or begin work.  That will slow down the work on Halbert but not eliminate it.

We are currently finalizing all paperwork for the agreement between the county and the township outlining the work to be done, the warranty agreement, and outlining costs for each project so we are all in agreement and “on the same page” as we move forward.   All road work includes a warranty, or guarantee, that the product used will meet state MDOT guidelines.  This includes testing of the product by an impartial third party to assure that the product is at the correct temperature and that it contains the proper mix to adhere to the current surface and provide a much better road as we move forward.  The County Road Department will also be “spot-checking” and overseeing work being done to be sure that what they requested in their bid process is what we are getting.

The County Road Department is working with us to determine how to best hold “neighborhood meetings” to allow residents in the project area to ask questions and understand the work as it progresses.   Once we have determined how to best hold those meetings you will receive more information regarding a date and time.

If time permits we may be able to add a few areas to the mix.  Rest assured that we still intend to fix all roads over the two to three year period as originally promised.  Weather, tree cutting limitations, or culvert replacements may slow us down and push us to the three year project time but we fully intend to get our roads fixed as promised.

Additionally, I have been assured that the Road Department will be responding to requests for pothole repairs to other roads not scheduled for this year.  Please continue to call those requests in to the County Road Department at 781-9841, or to me at 965-9096.

Sally Shaw
Road Committee Chair