Road Department July 22, 2015

Roads Newsletter

I don’t know about you but this summer seems to be one of the more difficult seasons we’ve had with excessive rainfall, mosquitos big enough to carry us away, and strange swings in temperatures.

I have more news for everyone concerning the roads being done this summer. Although off to a slow start, I’ve now received confirmation of the following:

Remember all project maps are located on our website.

Thursday, July 23 milling along driveways in project 2

Week of July 27-31 Paving of roads in project 2

August 6 & 7 Crush and shape, N. Gardner and Tulip Tree, project 2

To prepare for reshape and 3 inch overlay. This should give it a solid base and allow for a solid road surface for many years to come.

Week of August 24 all project 1, 2 & 3 will be seal coated. They expect to be able to complete that process over that work week. Once the chip seal is complete, they will come back through to fog seal (spray the tar based coating over the top of the road) to seal down the stones in the chip seal and make for a stronger road surface.

All of these promises come with a hedge on the weather. Any more of the severe weather and 5 inch rainfalls will change this a bit, but we are headed in the right direction.

Road crews are doing their best to bring out notices and door hangers to alert people to the schedule so they can plan accordingly for their road to be shut down for a brief period. If you haven’t already received a notice, you will be getting one very soon. Remember they are just messengers so please be respectful.

Everyone should also know that the road department is testing all materials before it gets put onto our roads to make sure it meets MDOT specifications. The contractors are being held to meeting those requirements and we are getting a warranty on our roads. This is part of our contract with the road department to be sure that we are spending our money wisely and getting assurances as we move forward.

As always, if you have potholes to be patched in areas that will not be done this year, continue to call them into the Calhoun County Road Department at (269) 781-9841, report them, or call them to me at (269) 965-9096. I’m still reporting concerns and answering questions so let me know if you experience any problems. Stay tuned for more updates on road repair schedules.

Sally Shaw
Road Committee Chair