Blight and Code Compliancelawn mower

It’s the growing season and lawns have begun to spring up. Keep in mind that your lawn needs to be mowed and trimmed regularly. Please be considerate of your neighborhood. If your yard looks longer or unkempt when comparing it to your neighbors, it needs to be cut. Regular mowing and trimming will also keep unwanted vermin and insects from invading. If it’s long, cut it. 

I want to let everyone know about inoperable vehicles. Inoperable vehicles are in the top three complaints I get in the Blight/Code Compliance office. A vehicle without valid license plates cannot be driven on the roads, so it is considered an inoperable vehicle. Of course, a vehicle that does not run is also inoperable and cannot be stored in the driveway. Inoperable vehicles can be stored in a wholly enclosed building (garage) but cannot remain in sight from the street. 

Finally, please only make complaints about valid blight or code compliance issues.

If you have any questions about these or any other blight/code compliance issues feel free to contact me at the Township office. My phone number is 269.968.6917 ext. 203.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

William Scutt
Blight and Code Compliance
Bedford Charter Township
115 S. Uldriks Drive
Battle Creek, MI  49037